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STICKY: Big changes    07/13/20  (297)
ACLU: “Police are not keeping us safe.”    07/13/20  (1)
cuckold quotemo back and taking qs    07/13/20  (3)
Not retiring. I really like it here    07/13/20  (8)
Tucker didn't fire Charles, Charles has class so he resigned.    07/13/20  (16)
Fact check for all visitors. Charles DID NOT MAKE THE CONGO LASIK THREAD!    07/13/20  (6)
"And this, uh, 'spaceporn' then contacted you via your work email address?"    07/13/20  (1)
Anyone want to talk about the 2 years my wife had sex with a bull while I watch?    07/13/20  (116)
Cumtown reddit is a good example of how XO can survive in future (see link)    07/13/20  (7)
I once saw Franzen brag about traumatizing mom of dead classmate of his    07/13/20  (8)
Hang in there poasters, cucks will soon be a protected class    07/13/20  (1)
I think a lot of xo is going to be disappointed tonight    07/13/20  (21)
Trump Again Casts Doubt On Fauci As COVID-19 Cases Surge    07/13/20  (3)
Tucker’s days at Fox are numbered    07/13/20  (64)
Adrian Woj fired. NBA stars rally to his (and China's) defense (link)    07/13/20  (2)
500 blank bump salute to Charles    07/13/20  (220)
Newsom just shut down all of LA county again. (link)    07/13/20  (30)
lmao at waking up every day not knowing if ur face will be in nytimes    07/13/20  (2)
someone turned on the lights and all the cockroaches went quotemo    07/13/20  (3)
Hi I'm Jibbers. Been hearing alot about this TSINAH guy. What's his deal?    07/13/20  (2)
whokebe, even if you saved every penny you earned for 30 years    07/13/20  (3)
I am NOT retiring. Come see who I am. BODY BAG REQUIRED.    07/13/20  (1)
do each of ur community accounts have a "fall man" in case shit hits the fan?    07/13/20  (2)
What will Washington name the team    07/13/20  (32)
Enough chit chat praising Charles. Not gonna pay bills. He needs material suppor    07/13/20  (2)
The New New York: 1 year old baby shot and killed in Brooklyn    07/13/20  (8)
DTP taking questions on the whole 'Charles' thing (7/13/2020)    07/13/20  (34)
If you practice decent OpSec, the chances of being outed are effectively zero    07/13/20  (1)
Still zero data about increase in US COVID deaths broken down by age group. why?    07/13/20  (1)
Tucker 20 minute monologue is detailed explanation of what a "blank bump" is    07/13/20  (1)
So Family Guy can make the black doctor joke but not XO?    07/13/20  (6)
NYC COVID cases skyrocketing among 20-something year olds. So strange    07/13/20  (14)
So mad about C12 over the weekend I forgot all about Covid BLM rising crime riot    07/13/20  (1)
Middle Aged Americans less healthy than Britons @ all income levels    07/13/20  (1)
Chuck’s new gig is DoorDash bro, conceals monologue in Tucker’s chef salad    07/13/20  (1)
Literally just drank one of those giant colonoscopy bottles to shit out shit    07/13/20  (13)
Washington Cumskins    07/13/20  (2)
Retiring. I'll miss all of you.    07/13/20  (36)
at a bare minimum tucker needs to drop some eggs like:    07/13/20  (1)
Charles cant even collect unemployment because he quit    07/13/20  (1)
The CNN article on Charles should be taught in J Schools    07/13/20  (89)
When's the last time you smelled actual cigarette smoke    07/13/20  (5)
Official TUCKER CARLSON 7/13/20 PREDICTION THREAD    07/13/20  (48)
Tucker: We do not support racism in any forms on this show. FULL STOP.    07/13/20  (1)
To our new visitors and lurkers: info on XO and the IFNB ...    07/13/20  (16)
Tucker : “I knew JET BLACK CONGO NIGGER. JET BLACK CONGO NIGGER was a friend o    07/13/20  (2)
What in the everloving fuck does Tucker thinks he gains by firing Charles?    07/13/20  (14)
Which law schools should I apply to?    07/13/20  (36)
If you email Chomsky the JET BLACK Lasik hypo, he'll probably respond    07/13/20  (1)
Wtf? My ip seems to be banned. Why???    07/13/20  (24)
Tucker: "But I want all of you to answer a question. Would you let a Jet Black C    07/13/20  (2)
nyuug you ever fuck a dude?    07/13/20  (25)
Anyone got a link to old SAT percentiles?    07/13/20  (6)
Going to put 10k into Invesco Mortgage Capital, hold for 5 years.    07/13/20  (3)
Baffled that anyone is aghast at Charles posts. These people are faking right?    07/13/20  (58)
Q: What is the probability LINK moons to like $50-80/LINK ?    07/13/20  (1)
Grilling some steaks at a friend's place with some cigars. Life can be 180    07/13/20  (3)
Who are the modern descendants of the Huns?    07/13/20  (4)
Do they really expect people to go back to offices and ride elevators?    07/13/20  (1)
rach, when this blows over, please re-fix the monikers for the historical record    07/13/20  (194)
FEE FI FO FUM I JUST MADE TEN NIGGERS CUM (Rowan)    07/13/20  (94)
you can call us KKK white supremacists but don't you dare mock our web design    07/13/20  (1)
Gavin Newsom bulldozing a redwood forest so luis stays the fuck home    07/13/20  (11)
NYT 2010: hospital assault statistics up even as police reported assaults down    07/13/20  (1)
retiring    07/13/20  (1)
How big of a deal is this Charles story    07/13/20  (15)
if you vote youre a cuck    07/13/20  (5)
Bros, how do I ask my father to stop calling me    07/13/20  (52)
How much Outback can one man eat? Today I found out.    07/13/20  (116)
Welcome to Watters in Primetime, I’m your host Jesse Watters    07/13/20  (4)
Charles writing Tucker's statement condemning Charles    07/13/20  (2)
Three hours and 43 minutes to go    07/13/20  (1)
fat dicked Chad checking in. 6’3” 224 lab of twisted steel and sex appeal. I    07/13/20  (1)
*CXII tp grinning as he punches in at the Goya plant*    07/13/20  (1)
thinking of just going into seclusion for 2-3 years    07/13/20  (30)
OK Just read the article: Big nothing burger    07/13/20  (12)
Charles took a payout and is going to manage a Cinnabon in Omaha    07/13/20  (4)
*pulls open shirt to reveal 'danke' tattoo* "IT MEANS, YOU'RE WELCOME!"    07/13/20  (5)
Sotomayor changing from her SCOTUS robes to her Sbarro uniform    07/13/20  (189)
it’s all a lie    07/13/20  (2)
"Charles XII" redirects here. For the disgraced AutoAdmit poa    07/13/20  (1)
You know who isn't a protected class: Proles    07/13/20  (1)
You all are way too negative. This can be the best thing to ever happen to Charl    07/13/20  (13)
A Selected History of the Family Rudolph    07/13/20  (480)
have the best threads ready to bump tonight    07/13/20  (1)
Rudolph, out of retirement for 30 minutes before retiring for GOOD. Once and for    07/13/20  (17)
the sexual marketplace of autism    07/13/20  (1)
BREAKING: World's most beautiful Indian Padma Lakshmi calls out CharlesXII    07/13/20  (38)
Goodbye (evan39)    07/13/20  (130)
How’s next? CXII can’t be the only one.    07/13/20  (19)
vonoskar tp waging a losing uphill battle in favor of burkean cultural preservat    07/13/20  (5)
Mike Lindell introducing the “XOXO MyPillow” during Tucker commercial break    07/13/20  (3)
English police arrest 12 year old boy for a “series of racist tweets”    07/13/20  (48)
Any other WOLVERINES here? Michigan was a 180 undergrad experience.    07/13/20  (5)
ITT: Randomized monikers that are really good    07/13/20  (34)
She wants me to come to her apartment to "have a talk" can this end well?(Boom)    07/13/20  (8)
you know what?    07/13/20  (1)
Vonoskar, the poasts remain--the monikers are just vessels for the work    07/13/20  (18)
Shit threads with low poast counts that get bumped for days    07/13/20  (236)
Does the father of the kid who got killt by CHAZ have a case against the city    07/13/20  (5)
Yes I'm most likely ending myself over this last relationship (Boom)    07/13/20  (6)
vonoksar can u chill. we get that u like sci fi LARPing bt ppl want to be anon.    07/13/20  (13)
Our nations's capital should change it's name.    07/13/20  (1)
ESPN Top Headlines in the year 2020    07/13/20  (5)
ur tv is a box that lies to u at all times. throw it out.    07/13/20  (8)
First day on this website.    07/13/20  (3)
The Washington and D.C part of the Redskins name is just as bad    07/13/20  (4)
"Can I at least have my pants back?" sobbed Oliver Darcy on the CNN toilet floor    07/13/20  (4)
scott stapp, rob thomas, doug robb & john rocker release joint statement on xo    07/13/20  (2)
Hi, I'm Anderson Cooper from CNN. Can doobs or peterman please contact me?    07/13/20  (4)
"Delete all my threads" nuke button is still good idea    07/13/20  (10)
What we really need is for people with good bookmarks to share via PGP    07/13/20  (1)
It is insane how power we grant "journalists"    07/13/20  (9)
Watch these WOC BIPOC destroy a racists with FACTS and LOGIC (epic video)    07/13/20  (1)
Sup Oliver, hope J-School is treating you well    07/13/20  (5)
being a shitty unmemorable poster is finally paying off    07/13/20  (21)
NBA specifically disallows fans from buying custom FREE HONG KONG jerseys    07/13/20  (4)
She said we need to have a talk soon    07/13/20  (1)
IcarusXII: "Just got Daedalus to say 'sweet treats,' gonna fly high now    07/13/20  (8)
WTF is a couples shower?    07/13/20  (2)
JJC here: I stand with Charles XII    07/13/20  (98)
if i clicked one of those links tommy posted does he have my ip    07/13/20  (1)
What's there to stop ax brute force attack on xo?    07/13/20  (1)
Stop making fun of Oliver. Now.    07/13/20  (2)
a pale irish girl, boiling potatoes for an asian man at breakfas    07/13/20  (311)
Has anyone here ever fooled around in their steam room?    07/13/20  (3)
Washington Red Pisswyrms introducing new “doobs” mascot    07/13/20  (3)
Suddenly throughout the USA xo kindness club beepers start going off    07/13/20  (1)
anyone seen boner police    07/13/20  (3)
Rachmiel is more committed to legacy of Enlightenment than Harvard, Oxford, Camb    07/13/20  (30)
"Nearly all of the corn shuckers or 'huskers' were poor whites w antiquated view    07/13/20  (6)
lol@ anyone not connecting to this shitty insecure site through anything but Tor    07/13/20  (2)
Tucker's open mouthed gape as he reads Club Mandingo comic    07/13/20  (32)
RSF theory needs legs    07/13/20  (4)
A white supremacist whine-fest, if you can keep it    07/13/20  (14)
"opsec" whispered the 36 year old delivery driver as his mom injected the antips    07/13/20  (1)
redskins changed name because sponsors all pulled out. why isn't any1 talking ab    07/13/20  (43)
Dotter of dead hero cop deletes Instagram tribute cuz libs didn't like hashtag    07/13/20  (2)
ITT I post posters real names    07/13/20  (61)
SEEMS LIKE YESTERDAY    07/13/20  (1)
Has CSLG posted at all in the last 3 days?    07/13/20  (16)
ITT I post the FB posts of Azn megashrew I've met    07/13/20  (983)
CSLG needs to buy an ad on Tucker's show, conditioned on rehiring    07/13/20  (2)
So did anyone listen to Limbaugh today? Anything?    07/13/20  (1)
52 youths shot 2 deth in Chicago so far in July. #BlackLivesMatter    07/13/20  (4)

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